Pashoshim ("Little Birds"), 18-24 Months

Open your child’s eyes to a world of exploration and friends. Pashoshim is a nurturing enrichment program for toddlers who will be 18 months old by the start of summer. The Pashoshim classroom is a safe and stimulating environment for toddlers to explore and grow. Children are given loving attention from our caring staff.

Activities include art, tactile, music and movement, and water play. Our summer program also features opportunities for participation in special events with Katan (our 2-4 year old program), such as animal programs, guest entertainers, puppet shows, and all-camp Shabbat celebrations, as well as weekly “mystery” readers.

The summer camp for toddlers is a 5 or 4 week session that begins on June 17 and ends on August 15. Your options are a Full or Half day program, with 3 or 5 days available. The adult to child ratio in Pashoshim is 1:4.

Pashoshim campers must be 18 months old by June 17, 2019.

Katan ("Small"), 2 - 4 Years

Take a fun filled day camp experience for ages 2 to 4 years, add a huge helping of qualified knowledgeable preschool teachers, buckets upon buckets of water, toss in snakes and animals, layer it with plenty of clay and paint, spice it with music and dance, and top it off with friends, sun, and fun… And you have Katan!

Katan is a fun, stimulating, and nurturing introduction to a camp experience filled with hands-on, age appropriate activities. Activities include outdoor water play, arts and crafts, music, and games. Special onsite events include bounce houses, dance parties, animal programs, guest entertainers, and all-Katan Shabbat, as well as weekly “mystery” readers.

Swimming (ages 3-4)
Under strict supervision, three-year-olds will go to the JCC’s Aquatics Center and enjoy a kiddie pool experience where they can splash and play to their heart’s content. Campers in our four-year-old groups will be swim tested, placed into appropriate age / ability groups, and receive two “swim lesson” days and one “recreational swim” day each week.

Kif Kef (extended care for Katan)
Daily before and after camp extended care is available for an additional fee. Hours: 7:30-9:00am and 12:30-6:00pm (minimum enrollment required). Kif kef block rate is available for 7:30-9:00am. Hourly Kif Kef is also available. You will receive Kif Kef forms in the parent packet once your child is registered. Rates are different than the extended care rates for older campers.

Katan campers must be at least 2 years old by June 17, 2019. Katan campers will be divided into classrooms by age group.

Yeledim ("Kids"), Kindergarten

Yeledim helps prepare children from the transition from preschool to kindergarten. Discover what it means to be a BIG KID at Camp Shalom. Our compassionate staff understand that this can be an exciting and challenging transition for some campers. The Yeledim day includes a designated time for transition and relaxation after lunch. Campers swim every day, including two days per week of organized lessons with certified swim instructors.

Sabra ("Prickly Pear"), Grades 1 - 2

Sabra campers are full of ruach (spirit) and Camp Shalom energy! Sabra campers get to enjoy arts and crafts, science and nature, games and sports, special events, and weekly field trips! Campers will swim every day that they are on site, including two days per week of organized lessons with certified swim instructors. Sabra is the Hebrew word for prickly pear (a kind of sweet cactus fruit) and it’s also the term for a native Israeli.

For campers who will be entering grades 1-2 in the fall.


Kadima ("Forward"), Grades 3 - 5

Kadima campers spend most of the day enjoying organized activities with their cabin groups and — new in 2019 — they have an elective time period each afternoon to attend an activity of their choice. Kadima campers go on weekly field trips to exciting locations around the Bay Area. They swim every day that they are on site, including two days per week of organized lessons with certified swim instructors.

For campers who will be entering grades 3-5 in the fall.

Sababa ("Cool"), Grades 6 - 8

If you’re in middle school and want to have some fun this summer, then join your friends at Camp Shalom! Sababa campers will spend some time each morning as a group and then will have the opportunity to shape their own weekly schedules through elective blocks and leadership opportunities. Sababa campers go on weekly field trips, and swim every day they’re on site.

For campers who will be entering grades 6-8 in the fall.

Yoetz (Counselor in Training), Grades 9 - 10

The word “yoetz” means “counselor” in Hebrew, and becoming a counselor is what our Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) program is all about. Each Yoetz session is four weeks long.

As a C.I.T., you’ll learn to lead both younger children and your own peers. This program is a rigorous and challenging adventure that will give you the skills to deal effectively with people of all ages, and the chance to practice these skills in a supportive setting generous with both feedback and mentorship — all the ingredients for you to develop the life skills you’ll need to succeed at school, in the workplace, and maybe even at home. CITs will receive certification in CPR and First Aid and earn 120 hours of community service for the school for each completed 4-week session.

For campers who will be entering grades 9-10 in the fall.

Post Camp Weeks

Want to continue the Camp Shalom fun? Sign up for a post-camp week! After our regular camp sessions end, we also offer “S’More Camp” (August 5-9) and “Shalom to Camp” (Aug 12-16) for kids entering grades K-8. In addition, we have some specialty camps (Just Dance for grades K-2, STEAM for grades K-3, Soccer for grades K-6, and Fencing for grades 5-8) available the week of August 5-9.

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