Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I speak with someone about what to expect before camp starts?

You can always call our camp office, 408.357.7416, to speak with our knowledgeable camp staff. Campers in kindergarten and older will also receive a phone call from our camp staff the Friday before your child’s session begins. During the call, we will give you an overview of what to expect on your first day and information for the camp session. All camp families will also receive a packet of camp information in the mail before camp starts.

How much supervision will Camp Shalom provide for my camper?

Our staff are put through an intensive, 1-week/40 hour, professional training before they begin working at camp. In addition, all staff are CPR and First Aid Certified and have been fingerprinted and passed a background check/ LiveScan. Our staff ratios are in accordance with American Camping Association guidelines.

What should my child bring/wear to camp?

This will all be included in our parent packet sent out prior to camp, and also in email blasts leading up to camp. The basics include lunch, water bottle, sunscreen, swim suit and towel. Camp Shalom only provides snack for ages 18 months-kindergarten. Campers should wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothes that can get dirty. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING WITH YOUR CAMPER’S NAME.

What is Camp Shalom’s food policy?

All food provided by Camp Shalom (snack, cooking time, etc.) will be kosher-style, vegetarian, and nut-free. All food that campers bring from home must be vegetarian as well (fish is okay, with the exception of shellfish). Please do not send your camper with meat, shellfish, peanut butter, or nuts in their lunches. For a list of yummy lunch ideas see the Camp Shalom Parent Packet.

Is there an alternative to me packing lunch each day?

Campers can enjoy a delicious, nutritious lunch provided by the House of Bagels Cafe. For more information and to sign up, please see our Lunches web page.

How can I find out more about what my camper does at camp each day?

We will send out a weekly newsletter via email that summarizes the highlights of the week. Also we are planning to post photos on a password-protected site this summer; more information coming soon.

What if my camper has allergies or needs to take medication during camp?

Camp Shalom is proud to have a licensed Camp Medic on staff. If your child has any allergies or medical needs, please indicate this when completing your camp forms, on the Heath Form page. In addition, you can contact our camp medic who can work directly with you with regard to your child’s specific needs. A doctor’s note may be required in order to dispense medication.
Those interested in Culinary Camps should contact the Camp Office regarding any dietary restrictions.

How do I ensure that my camper is in the same group as his/her friend?

An important part of the camp experience is developing new relationships and trying new things. We encourage you to allow your camper to be placed at random instead of in a requested group. However, if you still prefer campers to be in the same group, you may provide these requests during registration, in the Additional Notes area. We will do our best to accommodate your request; however we cannot guarantee your camper’s placement in the same group as another camper.

How will campers be transported to and from field trips?

Camp Shalom transports campers on chartered buses that are routinely inspected by the California Highway Patrol. The bus drivers have completed background checks. Camp Shalom, in accordance with ACA guidelines, has also developed policies and protocol that address emergency preparedness procedures. Your child’s safety is our number one goal. Campers in kindergarten and younger, and campers in specialty programs, will not participate in field trips.

Does Camp Shalom have a “Lost and Found”?

Unclaimed or unlabeled items left or found outside will be brought to the Lost and Found table outside the Camp Office. Any items left at the end of summer will be donated to charity on 8/16/19. Children are responsible for their own items. The counselors do their best to keep track of their group’s items but ultimately, it is up to the camper to keep track of their things. The JCC is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Please label all items with your child’s first and last name so items can be returned if they are lost.

Where is camp located?

Camp Shalom is located at 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032. We are part of the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center of Silicon Valley.

Camp Office for Campers in Grades K-10

The Camp Office is located in the APJCC Program Office prior to the start of camp, and will move to the school side of the building once camp begins in June. Please come by and visit!
Phone: 408.357.7416

Camp Office for Preschool-Age Campers

The Preschool Camp Office is located in the APJCC Preschool Office, on the school side of the APJCC building. Please come by and visit!
Phone: 408.357.7417


What are the camp hours?

Camp runs all day, all summer long!


Camp Hours for Preschool Camps (Pashoshim, Katan, and Kitat Ha’ashara)

Drop Off: 9:00am
Pick Up: 12:30pm for Katan and half-day Pashoshim; 1:30pm forKitat Ha’ashara; and 6:00pm for full-day Pashoshim
Extended Care (Kif Kef) for Katan and Kitat Ha’ashara only: 7:30-9:00am and 12:30-6:00pm
Preschool Camp Office: The preschool camp office is open 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday through Friday.


Camp Hours for Grades K-10

Drop Off: Camp starts at 9:00am. You can drop off your camper anytime between 8:45-9:10am.
Pick Up: Camp ends at 4:00pm. Camper pickup is 4:00-4:15pm.
Extended Care for Grades K-8 only: 7:30-9:00am and 4:00-6:00pm
Camp Office: The camp office is open 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday through Friday.


How long is each camp session?

Preschool Camps (Pashoshim, Katan, and Kitat Ha’ashara)

Session 1: Five Weeks
Session 2: Four Weeks

Traditional Camp

Traditional camp operates in two-week sessions, providing campers with a sufficient amount of time to gain skills, become part of our community, and to develop strong and meaningful relationships with fellow campers and counselors. A session may be split free of charge if paired with a week-long specialty camp.

Specialty Camps

Specialty camps operate in one-week or two-week sessions, depending on the camp. See individual specialty camp descriptions for details.


Is Extended Care available?

Yes! See our Extended Care web page for details.


Camp Shalom Policies



Preschool-age campers (Pashoshim, Katan, Kitat Ha’ashara) must be picked up and dropped off inside their classrooms. Parents of preschool campers should not wait in the pick-up/drop off line.


Campers in Grades K-10

Campers can be dropped off in person or via the carpool lane beginning at 8:45am. Campers can be picked up in person or via the carpool lane no earlier than 4:00pm (see below for early pick-up policy).

Pick-up/drop off line: If you would like to park your car and walk your grade K-10 camper to and from the front door for morning drop-off or afternoon pickup, there will be check-in table at the front door of the building. Please wait in line at the check-in table to drop off or pick up your camper. In the morning, campers must sign in at the check-in table before proceeding outside. In the afternoon, parents/caregivers must check in with the Camp Shalom staff member at the front of the line and then wait outside for your camper to exit the building.

Carpool line: Families who prefer to use the carpool option must pull into camp using the JCC entrance farthest from Lark Avenue, and pull forward to the camp entrance until a staff member tells you to stop. There will be camp staff stationed at the parking lot entrances with signs to direct you. Please remain inside your vehicle. At morning drop off: a staff member will open the door and ensure that your child is checked in. At afternoon pick up: a staff member will ask for the name of the camper(s) you are picking up. A staff member will then escort the camper(s) to your vehicle, open the door, and make sure the camper(s) seatbelts are fastened securely. For everyone’s safety, please refrain from cell phone use in the carpool lane.

Early Pick-up Policy for Grades K-10

If you need to pick up your camper early, please notify the Camp Office in writing at as early as possible. Phone arrangements will not be accepted. Email is okay. All early pickups occur in the Camp Office. Early pickups after 3:15pm cannot be accommodated. After 3:15pm, all campers are brought to the regular carpool/pickup line at 4:00pm. This applies to campers in grades K-10 only.


Cancellations and Refunds Policy

Refunds of camp fees will be granted, less deposit, only if Camp Shalom is notified of withdrawal in writing by Friday, May 24, 2019. After Friday, May 24, 2019, no refunds will be granted. All deposits are non-refundable. Transfer of camp funds may only be done within Camp Shalom summer programming.


Lunch & Snack Policies

Please bring a vegetarian lunch and a refillable water bottle every day to camp. You may order hot lunch for an additional fee (see the Lunches web page).

Camp Shalom provides snack for preschool-age campers (in Pashoshim, Katan, and Kitat Ha’ashara). Campers in grades K-10 should bring their own snacks.

All food brought from home must be kosher-style and vegetarian (fish is okay, but not shellfish). For a list of yummy lunch ideas, please see the Camp Shalom Parent Packet (which will be sent to you prior to your camper’s first week of camp).

We are a nut-free camp! Please don’t send nuts, peanut butter, or any products containing nuts to camp.


Late Registration Policy

In order to help us maintain safe camper-to-counselor ratios, camp registrations received after 4:00pm on Friday for the following week are not guaranteed. Registrations will be confirmed based on staffing and availability.

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