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Our after school enrichment programs highlight all of the best specialty offerings at Camp Shalom! With a wide range of programs and age ranges, there is something for everyone!

Additional Reminders

  • To receive member pricing, participants must be a member of the JCC at time or registration and attendance.
  • No refunds will be given for vacation, sick days (including COVID), or other absences from your chosen class.
  • Classes not attended are non-refundable and may not be substituted.
  • Withdraws must be requested in writing to [email protected] at least 8 calendar days prior to the start of the activity for a refund.
  • A minimum number of participants is required to run each course. Should the minimum not be met, Camp Shalom and JCC/JSV reserves the right to cancel the course. If course is cancelled due to low enrollment, a refund will be issued.

Class Availability - Fall 2024 Coming Soon!

Russian Language: Learn to Read, Write and Speak Russian

Instructor: Languages and Math Learning Center
Date & Time: TBA

Course Description: At these lessons the focus will be made on studying the Russian alphabet and making sure that students get basic reading and writing skills. Also, during the lessons, kids will be involved in listening and discussing short stories, reciting poems and playing games. Class Dates: TBA

Pricing: Member Price / Non-Member

Class Dates: TBA

Course Postponed

Russian Language: Let Us Play! Have Fun & Speak Russian

Instructor: Languages and Math Learning Center
Date & Time: TBA

Course Description: This class is for youth who speak some Russian already. At these lessons the students will practice Russian speech, enrich their vocabulary and polish grammar, while reading and discussing short stories, learning poems, playing games and being involved into other fun activities. Class Dates: TBA

Pricing: Member Price / Non-Member

Class Dates: TBA

Course Postponed

Chai Jitsu - Jiu Jitsu with Lori Rush

Instructor: Chai Jitsu, Lori Rush
CLASS Postponed. New Dates Coming Soon!

Course Description: Chai Jitsu teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. BJJ is a martial art and combat sport that focuses on ground fighting and grappling. Having self-confidence in their own ability, respect for self and others, discipline, the ability to problem solve in real time and defend themselves. Children are better prepared to avoid confrontation with bullies and safely defuse a situation when avoidance is not possible. They are less likely to be bullied and less likely to be a bully themselves. Price includes $80 for the uniform and belt. Class Dates: TBA

Pricing: Members / Non-Members

Class Dates:  TBA

Upcoming Course

Instructor: TBA
Date & Time TBA
Grades: TBA

Course Description: TBA

Pricing: TBA

Class Dates:TBA

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